Ring knot

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A Ring knot with (1) two Half hitches and (2) a double overhand knot

A Ring knot is a simple knot that is actually just a means of securing a knot, without the knot itself. Ring knots are used to attach a rope to another object: a carabiner, a rod or even the rope itself. A ring knot can be tied with a variety of securing knots: Overhand knot, double overhand knot, two Half hitches etc. Actually, a Ring knot is a concept rather than a knot.


Ring knot was

Related knots

A Ring knot without the obect arround which it is supposed to be tied is a Slip knot.

Usage and characteristics

Locking a belay device is actually a version of a ring knot. When there might be a need to undo the knot, half hithes are used.

when a permanent knot is needed, as in a binner at the end of a toprope, for camps or in a gym, a double or tripple overhand knot is better used. as a matter of fact, a slip knot is a ring knot, only it lacks the ring.

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