Figure Eight loop

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Figure Eight loop

לולאת שמונה

A Figure Eight loop or Figure Eight on a bight is a Figure of Eight knot tied on a bight of rope, without using the rope end.

Other related knots

Figure of Eight knot, Figure Eight Follow Through and Flemish knot are all variations on the same basic knot. Even the Figure of eight-square-figure of eight knot, which is an over secure way to tie ropes togethere, uses the Figure of eight loop.

Tying it

Take a bight, imagine you're holding the end and tie a figure eight knot with the bight. make sure the knot is dressed.

Usage and characteristics

Figure Eight loop is useful whenever you want a semi-permanent, fixed connection to a binner. It is quick to tie, very strong and very safe. Some tie an extra double overhand knot on the rope end. This is completely redundant, since a Figure Eight loop is an extremely safe knot and does not slip and unties by itself.

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