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A short runner, for sport climbing, consists of two lightweight non-locking biners and Dyneema webbing sling


A runner or quick draw (in French: degaine) is a set of two non locking biners and a webbing sling, used to connect a leading rope to an anchor. Runners can be used for any number of other functions: extensions, connections, hanging stuff etc.

Most runners have two different Biners. The one that goes on the bolt usually has a straight gate, and the one into which the rope is clipped has bent gate.

Usuallu short, sewn runners are used for sport climbing, while longer, sometimes tied webbing slings are used for trad, alpine, aid and multipitch routes

folding your long runners quickly and conveniently

Long runners/extensions

Long runners can be slung on the shoulder like a prussik or a webbing sling. Another common option is to shorten them (as demonstrated in the ilustration) and use the gear loops of your harness.

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