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קפיצה אל: ניווט, חיפוש

The Zanuah crag is a lovely little one-pitch crag, (~15m) with some 40 sport routes, mostly easy (5c-6a) and a few more trad routes. The crag faces North-west and is shaded until early afternoon in the summer. In winter it can be wet and cold, with chiily winds.

The site is closed Jan-May due to nesting (there's no nesting really, but that is the official reason). Most routes are equipped with a chain at the top.


The crag was discovered and bolted by Oded Lewinson and friends during 2003. apart from the last sector to the left, which was bolted later, around 2008.


The rock is a Later Cenomanian Dolomite and is pretty solid. These crags in the region are typically lens-shaped, and taper towards both ends, so they are not continuous but rather segmented. This is also why one cannot find the same crag on the other bank of the ravine.

This formation is massive and not thinly laid and most holds are Karstic pockets. in the main sector there is a half pipe section forming an overhang. The top part has large Karstic formed holds.

Getting there

On rd 375, between Ha-ela Junction and Tzur Hadassa, northof the road there's a small parking. Turn there and follow a good dirt road marked green. The road veers to the left and the marks change to blue. Keep on that road for 2.4km. there is a wide path going diagonally upwards to the left. A few minutes walk will take you to the crag.

Zanuah map


Since it is a small crag, a 30m lead rope and 6-8 runners will do the job.

Most stances are easily reachable from the top, so setting a top-rope is relatively easy. One can also use the trees and threads on the top of the crag to set other anchoring systems.


Routes are enumerated Right to Left

The Sectors In the Zanuah Crag

Main Crag

Right Sector - Around the tree

Routes # 1-9 - 5c

Shaded area - up to the great boulder

route # 10 - in the crack - start on the R- 6a+

route # 11 - in the crack - start on the L - 6b+

route # 12 - 6c

route # 13 - 6b

route # 14 - 6c+

route # 15 - 7a+

Opposite from the boulder and on

route # 16 - 6b

route # 17 - 6a

route # 18 - the Arch - 6a

route # 19 - 6b+

routes # 20-21 - 5c

Left sector - around the bushes

route # 22 - 6b

routes # 23-30 - 6a/5c

Left from the bolted routes, there's a 5m wide section, very suitable for easy topropes.

Sector Seinfeld - far to the left

route # 1 - 6b+

route # 2 - 7a

route # 3 - 7a

route # 4 - 6b

route # 5 - 6b

route # 6 - 6b

route # 7 - 6b+

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