Weaver knot

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Weaver knot

קשר אורגים

Weaver knot (also called Sheet bend) is a bend for connecting ropes of different diameters. It is quick and simple to tie.


This knot's origin is from the art of weaving, where sometimes different thickness threads are used to make interesting patterns.

To tie a weaver's knot correctly, the thicker rope makes a bight, and the thinner line passes through and crosses over. Both rope ends should be on the same side of the knot. If the ends are on opposite sides, the knot becomes less strong, as well as secure.

Double weaver knot

For an even more secure knot, one can tie a double weaver's knot.

Other related knots

A weaver's knot is a form of bowline. It is therefore related to all bowlines: double bowline, bowline on a bight etc.

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