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A nice red daisy chain

A daisy chain is a long webbing, with sawn loops along its entire length and [[girth hitch|girth hitched) to the harness, so that a climber can attach it to an anchor at any chosen length.

The original use for a daisy chain is as an adjustable extention for hanging from anchors whils aid climbing. Many climbers like to use a daisy chain as a cow's tail.

Do and don't when using a Daisy Chain


It is important to note that the stiches that make the daisy chain loops are only meant to hold body weight. Although the webbing itself is a standard one, with breaking strength of 22kN, the loops stiches hold only about 1.5-2.5kN (depending on the brand and model), and that means about 150-200kg! adjusting the daisy length by clipping a carabiner onto two loops, can load those stiches and tear its way out. This is shown in the first illustration.

This is why you should never use one biner to adjust a daisy chain. Adaisy chain should have a (preferably locking) biner at its end. This biner should be first clipped into the anchor. Adjusting the length is only done by clipping a second into one loop of the daisy chain, and onto the first biner, as shown in the second illustration.


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